What is Encounter Jesus?

Encounter Jesus (EJ) is a place for believers to come together to affirm their Faith. All Encounter Jesus spiritual renewal retreats provide an opportunity for participants to take time out of their hectic and demanding schedules by offering a relaxing environment in which they can truly Encounter Jesus. Retreat attendees experience the awesome presence of God’s agape love in action; in ways they may never have witnessed before. At Encounter Jesus, there are times of corporate worship, prayer, communion, meditation, teaching and fellowship to help enrich the Jesus Encounter.

“…I am now trusting Christ to lead me in any direction…”

“I was seriously considering leaving the ministry as a Pastor, but that changed when I attended an EJ weekend and Jesus met me there and reminded me of His calling on my life.”

“I am now free and equipped to love others with a Christ-like passion, [and] for myself, I have experienced how spectacular His [God’s] love for me is.”

“EJ to me definitely meant renewal because I went stressed out over school and friends, but left with a new sense of peace and joy.”

“I have grown much closer to the Lord. I know it is because of the Encounter Jesus weekend and the work of the Holy Spirit.”

“I had suffered the shame and guilt of a sin for over 20 years until I attended an EJ weekend and Jesus set me free from any guilt and shame as my sin had been completely forgiven and now I serve others like never before.”

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Who should attend?

EJ is a cross-denominational organization with Board members from various local churches. This means EJ is all about the Body of Christ at large. All are welcome to attend regardless of their church home. There are separate Encounters for men, women, teen boys and teen girls. We believe that all churches have a Jesus assignment and that He chooses to present himself to all His followers as He wishes. Thus, if attendees are open and allow the Holy Spirit to work in them, Jesus will write His desires and His callings on their hearts.

No one leaves Encounter Jesus the same as when they arrived because our goal is to equip participants (both clergy and laity including those desiring to be church leaders and volunteers.) Encounter Jesus helps them to return to their Church, Family and Community, refreshed and “ready to serve.” with greater enthusiasm, energy and dedication than ever before.

What happens after Encounter Jesus?

The attendees are encouraged to return to their home church to grow in their relationship with Jesus and develop their love and dedication for serving others. There are larger EJ gatherings where  participants can come and share their EJ experience with others; bringing family and friends together to enjoy great Christian fellowship.